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The Veterans Portal is experiencing a growth. Since 2019, TVP operated on self-funding from the Founder. The TVP roadmap watched an almost overnight need to start multiple of their projects to assist our SVCC community. Included in these projects are:

1- TVP Store selling gently-used clothing, shoes, furniture and more

2- Upgrade our SVCC-Assist links to provide a broker-like functionality where anyone (servicing or not) can easily find answers for our SVCC heroes. 

3- Community events. In February we are kicking off community events for SVCCs starting with private skating sessions. Twice a month, SVCC's and their friends are able to safely enjoy skating and socializing with other community members. 

4- Monthly virtual trivia game. As COVID-19 (hopefully) winds down, our community needs some interaction. Some humor. Some good stories and entertaining education. We will bring these every 3rd Thursday. 


With the above, we are aiming to become tax-exempt in 2021. This reason and the above projects have well exceeded our self-funding possibilities. So we are fundraising to raise enough to file for our tax-exemption while covering our project and web-presence maintenance costs. 

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